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Main Details

Hir "natural" form resembles that of a four-armed dragon covered from head to toe in feathers, and has a "mane" of larger feathers on the top and back of hir head and neck. Because of hir living liquid latex composition, Calyo has a very shiny, rubbery appearance (even on hir feathers) that looks as if shi is constantly "wet". Shi has a blue stripe that begins on either side of hir snout; it passes beneath hir eyes and joins together at the base of hir skull into a single spinal stripe that extends to the base of hir tail. A series of blue V-shaped stripes that open towards the tip run down the length of hir tail, and shi has a set of four blue sloped slash marks on either side of hir waist, looking somewhat like ribs. Hir tail ends in a simple tip with no spade, and hir facial features are rounded with no visible teeth along hir jaw line. Hir canine teeth are several centimetres (one or two inches) long and highly visible when hir jaws are open, while the rest of hir teeth are unspecialized for an omnivorous diet.

Hir ears are pointed and tipped with blue. In hir left ear, shi wears a ring near the base and a pair of studs (one next to the ring and the other near the tip) connected by a chain; in hir right ear, shi wears a set of three rings spaced close together in the middle. Hir two horns are moderate length with a gentle backwards curve, and are ribbed like gazelle horns. Shi has four pairs of tentacles on hir back, each of which is fully capable of producing cum, and shi actively uses them on a daily basis as general manipulators. These tentacles do not possess sucker pads. Between hir horns are two setaceous antennae (like those of American cockroaches) that are as long as hir body. A set of three blue rings are spaced near the tips of each antenna, and they are usually folded back to hover close to hir body. There is a tiny bulge near the tip of hir tail, on its underside, that appears to be a backwards-pointing gland of some sort.

There is a tattoo on hir right shoulder that is a combination of several marks from TeraDyne Demaicorre: the Pulse-A Brand, and the divine mark of TeraDyne Demaicorre. This composite tattoo permanently brands Calyo as a VegaCorp test subject, TeraDyne's property as hir personal toy, and as a subject of the goddess TeraDyne Demaicorre. The Pulse-A Brand is a single stroke that traces a single large peak with two smaller peaks flanking the sides, similar to the pulses one would see on an electrocardiogram. There are two barcodes flanking the apex of the Pulse-A: the left barcode (which faces to the front on her arm) serves double-duty as Calyo's VegaCorp test subject ID and unit ID number in TeraDyne's own inventory of claimed individuals (toys, pets, slaves, etc.) and reads "TOY-225963", and the right barcode (which faces to the rear) is Calyo's Omnivice ID for TeraDyne's Omnivice's database and reads "0-01-869". The symbol nested within the Pulse-A is roughly triangle-shaped with a black disc in the center and alternating dark blue and blue petals that curve towards each other at the points. This is TeraDyne Demaicorre's divine mark and ensures that Calyo is clearly branded as TeraDyne's property. The interior of the disc contains a smaller Crest of Syntheticism, the religion of which Calyo is god. There is a larger Pulse-A on Calyo's back that saddles the base of hir tail that is sensitive to the touch—especially to TeraDyne's touch.

Calyo bears a brilliant-cut pink sapphire gemstone in hir belly, around where a navel would be. Shi also has three pink sapphires embedded in hir chest, each one oval cut with mirror-image crowns: the center sapphire is the largest, centered just above hir breasts, with the other smaller two flanking it in a wide vee pattern. The center gem can be used by TeraDyne to control Calyo at any time, while the outer two can be used to store his energy. These gemstones were given to Calyo by TeraDyne Demaicorre when shi gave TeraDyne hir fill valve.

Descending from hir neck down to hir knees is what looks like a cord of rubber, about a centimetre thick. This is hir leash, and is a permanent part of hir body, its connection to hir neck being perfectly seamless as a large pleasure organ. Any dominant soul who holds this leash has complete control over Calyo's thoughts, behavior, and even hir body. But be warned: hir natural latex powers that enable hir to liquid shapeshift into any form shi desires also enable hir to cover victims in hir own living rubber and bond to them to control and manipulate their bodies as a symbiote, and shi has been known to put hir friends on their own leashes and subject them to hir will.

Anthro (Biped) Form

Before you lies a wingless anthro, about two metres tall, on hir large latex foam mattress bed, reading this month's issues of Playfur and Playfur: Male Edition (furry equivalent to Playboy). Shi is wearing cargo pants (mostly to conceal accidental arousal in public) over a hot pink rubber thong. Hir antennae perk up upon sensing your entry, and shi looks up at you with a friendly gleam in hir eyes and a soft, inviting smile. One of hir tentacles uncoils itself from around hir waist, partially exposing a pink gemstone in hir belly, and beckons you over as shi licks hir lips, hir wet tongue audibly squeaking across hir rubber surface. Shi sets the magazines aside and slides hir pants off, revealing an idle erection bulging out from under hir thong, which shi slides off as well to reveal dual-gender nethers. Shi holds hir leash out towards you, as if encouraging you to use hir as you see fit and force hir to pander to your every whim.

Feral (Quadruped) Form

Upon this same bed, which is as large as four king size mattresses put together, lies a large feral dragon with bat-like wings, only the bony parts being covered with feathers and the tips of their digits highlighted with blue. Shi is sprawled partially on hir side, four of hir tentacles rubbing about hir nethers and teasing hir female slit and hir massive feral cock, fully erect in all its glory and dripping this dragon's rubbery pre. Its knot would need an opening to squeeze around its base to form. Hir remaining two tentacles are likewise giving hir own navel gem attention as shi stares at you with predatory eyes, hir jaws slightly open to reveal hir massive canines. Hir breathing is heavy, lusty. Shi raises up a forepaw, and with a flick of hir claw, the door shuts behind you on its own and locks. It quickly becomes obvious that, tonight, shi will get what shi wants from you before you are free to go.

Naga Form (Anthro)

You see a shiny black creature sprawled on its back on the bed. As it shifts, you notice the light glint off of a body covered in smooth scales. Its head turns to look over at you, revealing the creature to be a serpent, hir smooth scaly head framed by a modest hood. Hir chest is smooth and blue scutes run down the entirety of hir underside. Hir tongue flicks out to taste you from afar, and shi gives a smirk as shi flicks a clawed hand and the door shuts behind you. Hir long, powerful tail curls up slightly as shi rolls to the side and gestures for you to come over and satisfy hir.

Naga Form (True)

As you walk into the room, you notice a large mass of rubber coils upon the bed. Shiny, smooth, black scales and blue scutes give you a sense of the creature's back and belly, and immediately betray it to be a serpent of some sort. As these coils begin to shift and scales squeak against each other, its cobra-like head rises up to stare you down. Shi props hir masculine torso against hirself as you feel a strong urge to approach hir. You heed this urge and suddenly find yourself trapped in the serpent's powerful coils, ready to become hir prey for whatever devious uses shi might have in mind.

Feline Form

Lounging lazily before you appears to be a black feline with blue tiger stripes upon hir back, hir latex body perfectly smooth and polished and looking very wet. As if hir graceful feline curves weren't already streamlined enough, hir smooth, furless, liquid appearance makes hir look even more graceful and fluid as hir tail tip idly flicks back and forth. Hir antennae drape over hir shoulder like locks of hair, and you can hear hir purring softly as shi idly rubs the pink gem in hir stomach. Hir other hand holds hir own leash ready to present it to you, yet shi seems to be holding back for some reason. Shi seems to be perfectly relaxed, waiting for someone to come along and join hir in bed. But the moment shi looks over at you with piercing green eyes, the imperious, unimpressed expression on hir face belies hir true intent: shi desires a slave to beg for hir services, to convince hir to give hirself to you for the night.

Tentacle Beast Mode

The dragon standing before you seemed to be expecting you as shi stood beside the bed in nothing but a hot pink thong. Hir hands are clasped behind hir head as shi posed in front of you with hir legs spread slightly. As soon as the door shuts, hir transformation begins. From hir shoulders, hips, and the base of hir tail grow pairs of tentacles as long as their respective extremities. They flare outwards, alerting you to their presence as their tips curl slightly.

Hir horns lengthen, becoming black and smooth. As soon as they reach half a metre in length, they suddenly droop, becoming a pair of tentacles unto themselves. They are quickly joined by three more pairs growing in underneath them, giving hir the look of a draconic medusa as these thick, prehensile locks curl around hir neck to rest on hir shoulders. The tentacles on hir back flare out, and you instantly see their number double without their sizes decreasing.

Hir eyes lock with yours, and you can see a gentle desire in hir gaze as shi licks hir lips from both corners of hir mouth. The two tongues meet each other at the middle and slip out, revealing themselves to be a pair of long tentacles as they both gesture for you to come forth and let hir dote on you with hir many limbs for the night.

Sex Toy Mode

As soon as you enter the room, your nose is instantly assaulted with a wonderfully alluring scent. You don't know what it is exactly, but as soon as you see the creature laying upon the bed, you instantly know that shi is what you are smelling, and shi smells incredible. This smooth-skinned dragoness looks to be incredibly wet and covered bodily in some thick amber substance, as hir rubber body glistens beautifully even in the low light. Your eyes fall first upon hir genitalia, and you see that hir vent appears to be stuffed with a hollow silicone dildo, a similar silocone lining hir cunt. Hir massive cock, now fully erect in all its throbbing glory, stands proudly as a silicone dildo, and you can see that all three orifices are dripping with a slow, steady stream of thick, syrupy precum, even without stimulation.

As your eyes trace their way up hir body, past the gemstone adorning hir belly, and up to hir chest, you can see a trickle of white, thick milk dripping from hir pierced nipples. It is then that you notice the many writhing tentacles underneath hir, their long, squirming forms making it impossible to count. You are certain that you could count at least ten or twelve, but you keep losing track as they shift. It's obvious that there are more than that, though. You eventually tear your attention away from the rest of hir body, to gaze upon hir face. You see a small bump at the tip of hir nose, and clear saliva freely drips from hir lips. As your eyes meet hirs, you can see an intense sexual lust in hir eyes.

Shi rolls hir body over to face you, a tentacle strategically moving hir leash out in the open for you to see. Hir hand reaches up to massage hir leaking breast, a soft moan escaping hir maw as shi reaches with hir other hand to stroke hir slickened cock. In the minutes it takes for you to take in hir form, your lungs become filled with air thick with hir erotic scent. You quickly realize that the dragoness lying prostrate before you is one of the hottest things you have ever seen, the massive bulge in your pants belying your desire to experience what shi has to offer. Throwing inhibition to the wind, you walk over and slide onto the bed as shi softly croons into your ear, "Make me yours. I'll do anything you desire."

Hir hot scent, which only grows more intense with your immediate proximity, dulls your thoughts as you find yourself taking hold of hir leash. You realize in that moment that shi would be the perfect toy for you, and you take the chance to make hir yours as you reply, "I am your master now." You lean in to lick at some of the amber fluid thinly coating hir skin, its sweet smell inviting you to do so, and you are suddenly filled with an elecric buzz as you throw yourself onto hir, your arms easily sqeezing hir squishy body against yourself as hir tentacles quickly undress you. Shi is going to be your bitch tonight, and your slut tomorrow, and the next day… and for the next week; maybe even the next month. You don't know, you don't care. Shi is now your plaything, and you can no longer resist hir beauty as you start to play with hir and force hir to pander to your every desire.











Absolutely NOT!




Basic Information

How to Use

It's really quite simple: hover your mouse over things to see if popups just like this one appear. These popups have extra information. You can also click on an item to toggle a static popup that stays in place even if you move your mouse. If a popup gets stuck, you can use this trick to un-stick it.


Calyo was originally a featherdragon: basically a dragon covered head to toe in feathers. Very recently, a couple of gods convinced Calyo to accept a permanent conversion from flesh to living liquid rubber. Shi has not regretted the decision.


Calyo's current form can be classified as that of a sentient half-ooze, half-dragon. While normal oozes typically do not maintain a distinct form, Calyo's former existence as a dragon endows hir with a subconscious residual self-image that causes hir to default to a form that visually resembles that of hir previously flesh and bone body… with some alterations.

Gender Information

Calyo's basic gender is True Hermaphrodite; that is, shi possesses male and female reproductive structures. Physiologically, hir body has an androgynous build.

Orientation Information

Calyo considers hirself to be pansexual. While shi does have a preference for hermaphrodites, shi does not have any exclusive bias for or against any gender. Shi prefers partners who have attractive personalities.

Calyo's Antennae

Calyo's large antennae are able to sense taste, scents, touch, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, magic, psionic energy (and act as psionic foci), and especially pure energy (Calyo can "see" pure energy with them).

Solid Horns & Claws

Calyo's horns and claws are the only parts of hir body that do not store any energy that is used to keep hir latex liquid. Thus, the latex "sets" into a high degree of polymerization and cross-linking, effectively becoming a hard latex resin.

Energy Sources

In order to remain liquid, Calyo must regularly absorb certain energy sources. Otherwise hir body congeals and shi slips into a waking coma until shi has absorbed enough energy to melt again.

Light & Heat

Calyo's primary source of energy is am- bient light and heat from the environment around hir. An hour outside under the sun on a hot, cloudless day is normally enough to feed hir enough energy to last for a day


An ability granted to hir by TeraDyne Ezeri, Calyo is able to feed on the energy released by another during sexual orgasm, as if it were heat
FYI, I don't like hyper-realism. I find it's too restricting & it's not possible to have as much exotic fun

Chatrooms Info

Calyo can be found in the following chan- nels, in decreasing order of probability:


Welcome to #stickypit, where furs who love to stick around can come and play! A sticky fetish channel run by yours truly


A freeform RP chat owned by Marjask and dragon-architect/Calyo


Adult RP channel, and not just your age. | Channel Information and Rules: | Home of TeraDyne, family and friends. Newcomers are welcomed with open arms, but please be respectful. You can socialize at #BreakwaterSocial


Social channel of #BreakwaterHideaway


A general chat & RP channel founded and run by djaymes


An 18+ channel for rubber furs and rubber lovers: Where the squeaky come to frolic!


A place for balloonies, plushies, and inflatables -- as well as those who appreciate them! For furs and non-furs, RL collectors or not!


A channel devoted to those who like to be immobilised, encased or otherwise made into statues and everything related



Roleplay Information

RP Info

This and the Special Abilities section are information about Calyo the character in the Marjaskian Mansion roleplay setting. Some elements can be brought into a non-setting RP, others cannot.

New Athens

Calyo lives on the outskirts of a megacity named New Athens. Home to tens of millions of inhabitants of all kinds, sky- scrapers 2km tall pierce the skies, and anything can be found here, especially in the Underground.


CD Synthetics

Calyo owns and manages an adult fetish store named Calyo Delphi's Synthetics. Shi shares the building and property with hir friend Crimen, who runs a magical wares shop in the other half.

Raidatan God

The Raidatans are a peaceful, Raidramon-like race whose civilization revolves completely around intellectual and intimate pursuits. Through a chance encounter that led to many of Calyo's powers (both natural and on loan) activating and synergizing, resulting in hir ascending to godhood for this peaceful race, as well as finding hir long-sought niche in the multiverse.

AnthroCloud Nine

Calyo is a part-time pole dancer / stripper at the club AC9 in New Athens, and shi sometimes escorts club patrons home for a special night if they tip well enough.

Guardian Calyo Annur-Delphi

Calyo is a Guardian (equiv. rank: general) in Section-C of Omega Private Military Corporation; shi commands the Abeo Terrarum unit, headquartered outside New Athens.

Street Racing

In the New Athens street racing culture, Calyo is known as "Top Dawg" and is the owner of Black Beauty (an overtuned Evo X) and The Beast (a modernized '74 Challenger), the two most feared cars on the scene.

Husband & Father

Calyo is a devoted husband of four mates (yes, shi is polygamist) although is still sexually active with many friends, and is the father of four children, two adopted

Special Abilities


Calyo is a highly proficient telepath and telekinetic. Even before shi acquired hir antennae, shi was very powerful. The large "nerve" bundles in Calyo's antennae and their direct link to hir mind serve to amplify hir brainwaves tenfold, effectively multiplying hir abilities.


Now a deprecated ability that Calyo no longer needs (see 'Divinity' below), Calyo used to weave spells via Latin incantations. While hir skills were rudimentary, hir brother Gariel is far more proficient and fluent.

Energy Manipulation

Calyo's original natural magic element was (and still is) Raw Energy. Raw energy is a highly volatile element that is very difficult to weild, as it is unstable and tends to align towards another element (usually fire). However, mastery of this skill endowed Calyo with a magical power that few can counter… assuming it doesn't explode in Calyo's face first.


Calyo is fully capable of summoning latex and silicone and manipulating its properties at will, and has a particular penchant for making rubber body suits & transforming one's nethers into indestructible & hypersensitive silicone sex toys.


Calyo has full god powers stemming from an intense sexual encounter with several Raidatans. Furthermore, shi is a pleasure devil. That is, Calyo can feed on any pleasurable emotion ranging from simple happiness to sexual euphoria, and be empowered by it.

Liquid Shapeshifting

Being made of liquid latex enables Calyo to morph into any physical form shi can imagine, including colors and physical feel.


Calyo was given this ability by the Naisurian dragon TeraDyne Ezeri. Shi is able to join bodies with anyone and share sensations and thoughts, but both minds remain fully independent of each other.

Genital Details

Calyo's Cocks

Calyo's Cock

Calyo's cock is curved upward, with a pointed head, and gently tapers from head to base. It has several ridges that slant backwards, and a girthy knot at the base.

Calyo's Cum

Calyo has the physical capacity to orgasm twice in a row, and can recover as quickly as in a few minutes. Hir rubber-based cum, which still contains biologically viable sperm, is unique in that when hot and fresh, it is very slippery and fluid, but grows aggressively sticky as it cools and congeals

Cock Texture

Calyo's cock is able to alternate between perfect smoothness and greatly textured. Shi can do this consciously, however through various forms of touching, another can force hir cock to shapeshift against hir will.


Calyo is a True Hermaphrodite. That is, shi possesses both male and female reproductive organs in the form of two slits, one above the other. Hir lower slit is hir vagina, while hir upper slit conceals hir cock.

Calyo's Cock Tongue

Calyo's tongue can also double as a tentacle and a cock tongue. In its inert state, it looks and functions like a normal tongue. It can thicken and lengthen into a tentacle. But its most "useful" function is its ability to become a fully functional & sensitive cock.

Calyo's Snake Shaft

Calyo's Snake Shaft

While Calyo is a true hermaphrodite, shi has a secondary "womb" in which a snakeshaft resides. It is semi-sentient and fully capable of facial expression, and must open its mouth in order to cum.

Snakeshaft Control

Control of Calyo's snakeshaft is completely claimed by TeraDyne. Calyo has no ability to control it, while TeraDyne uses it often as an alternate body.

Snakeshaft Length

Calyo's snakeshaft is usually 1m (~3ft) long, however it is capable of growing longer at Calyo's will

Snakeshaft Head Shape

Calyo's snakeshaft has head shaped like that of a corn snake with eyes that possess eyelids, and is physically larger than the rest of its length.

Special Silicone Sensitives

Special Silicone Sensitives

This is a physical trait of Calyo's genitalia that is exclusively available to only hir mates: Sildra, TeraDyne, and Squeak. Various parts of hir anatomy have been permanently replaced by hypersensitive silicone genitalia.

Control Method: Leash

Unlike the normal function of Calyo's leash, any alterations or "settings" that are made to these special silicone components are static and permanent until reverted. Calyo cannot modify hir own silicone genitalia without one of hir mates to hold hir leash and allow hir to do so.

Separation Sensations

Any of Calyo's sexual genitalia (cock, cunt, tail vent, mouth) can be detached, a replacement quickly growing in its place, to be used by anyone. Calyo will be able to feel any and all contact with these separated toys as if they were her own.

Controlled Climax

Calyo can never orgasm by hir own solo physical stimulation. Shi can only orgasm with any form of external input including physical stimulation by a partner or a command or permission to orgasm. Shi can also be commanded to never orgasm, or remain permanently on-edge.

Requested Revealing

Calyo's mates have the ability to command Calyo to reveal hir Secret Silicone Sensitives to anyone else. Once ordered to do so, they will by default be fully exposed anytime Calyo is in the presence of the additional viewers.

Dildo Dick

Calyo's cock can be made permanently erect as a fully-knotted silicone dildo, or allowed to go flaccid when not aroused. Hir cock can be forced to constantly leak lubricating precum at any rate desired. Hir cock can also be molded into any shape desired.

Cunt Covering

Calyo's cunt is lined with silicone, making it soft and easily fuckable. Hir cunt is likewise forced into a permanent state of arousal, its lips swollen and moist.

Kinky Kisser

The entire inside of Calyo's mouth and hir lips are lined with silicone and can experience sexual pleasure as though it were a cunt. Hir mouth can be toggled between this silicone state and non-sensitive latex.

Muff Mouth

As an alternative mode for hir mouth, it is ribbed inside and hir lips highly sensitive like vaginal lips, with a small clitoris-like bulge at the tip of hir nose. Shi can be forced to drool lubricating precum at any rate desired.

Naughty Nipples

Calyo's nipples are erect and highly sensitive silicone nubs. They are particularly sensitive to breastfeeding, and pleasure hir strongly whenever they are suckled. Calyo can be forced to bear breasts of any size, and to lactate at any rate desired. The only means of reducing hir breast size is manually suckling the milk out of them. Hir milk's flavor is whatever the drinker desires.

Passage Plug

Calyo's tail vent is filled with a thick dildo plug with a hole inside for others to fuck. This plug also has a thick knot that keeps constant pressure on Calyo's vent. The plug can be set to vibrate, pulse, throb, or thrust in any pattern or rate desired. It can also be molded into any shape.

Slick Snakeshaft

Calyo's snakeshaft can be turned into a constantly pre-lubricated silicone serpent with a naturally slick surface. By default it is still latex.

Slubber Suck Socket

Calyo's maw can be forced to turn into a silicone-lined suck hole. Shi can only make vocal sounds and cannot articulate words. This hole, like hir maw, can be forced to drool lubricating precum at any rate desired.

Tricky Tongue

Calyo's tongue can be toggled between silicone and latex, independently of hir mouth (except when it is a suck hole). It can be molded into any shape desired.

Other Erotic Details

Calyo's Tentacles

Calyo's Tentacles

Calyo's tentacles are highly versatile, dextrous, and strong limbs, arranged in four pairs on hir back. They are cylindrical and smooth, without sucker pads, and have pointed tips. Calyo's tentacles are highly sensitive to tactile & thermal stimulation.

Tentacle Divisibility

Calyo's tentacles are capable of dividing along their lengths into as many as four smaller tentacles each, enabling him to produce more limbs on demand

Tentacle Lengths

Calyo's tentacles are able to lengthen and shorten as Calyo desires, but they are usually 1m to 2m (3ft−3in to 6ft−6in) long when relaxed.

Calyo's Genticles

Calyo's tentacles are capable of sexual functions, their massive length allowing them to possess enough glands to produce an endless stream of virile cum from each. When they're sexually active, they are fully capable of feeling pleasure.

Calyo's Leash

Calyo's Leash

Calyo's leash is part of hir body. It is as sensitive as an erection and can induce arousal when held or rubbed. Anyone that holds the leash can completely con- trol Calyo's thoughts, behavior, and body.

Handle-Less Leash

Calyo is physically incapable of pulling against hir leash when it is held by another person. It is impossible for him to move further away from hir "master" once the leash runs out of slack. As a result, the leash has no need for a handle. However, the end of the leash can be mentally commanded to attach to any surface (including to the master's own body) to tether Calyo to that spot.


The leash has a variable length, per the discretion of its holder, but it normally hangs to around Calyo's knees

Calyo's Control Gem

Calyo's Control Gem

Calyo has a pink sapphire permanently inserted in hir belly. It was given to hir by TeraDyne Demaicorre as part of a trade to give TeraDyne hir old fill valve.

Gemstone Species

The Control and Containment gems are all gemstone quality Corundum (Aluminum(III) Oxide: α-Al2O3). The sapphires have chromium impurities that imbue them with a rich hot pink hue.

Control Gem Cut

Calyo's control gem is cut in a standard round brilliant cut.

Leash Synergy

If Calyo's leash is used to invoke any alterations upon hir form or mind, the gem can be prodded with a mental command to preserve them, and shi will subsequently be locked into the effects until the gem is prodded again to retract them. The gem will slightly glow on its own when this property is active.

Curse Properties

The gem contains a cornucopia of divine curses that affect Calyo either constantly, or upon activation with a stimulus. (Mouse over each for details.)

Attraction & Arousal

The gem makes Calyo attracted to, and aroused by the scent, texture, and squeaky sounds of rubber and vinyl, as well as the scent of hir mates' musk. It also makes hir aroused by seeing and thinking about rubber. The gem tingles pleasurably in response to any of these stimuli, heightening hir arousal.

Erection On Demand™

As an advanced stage of the Attraction & Arousal curse, Calyo can be forced to possess a priapism (neverending erection) via a simple prod of hir Control Gem. The erection is painless and without negative side effect, and will last until hir valve is prodded again to disspell it.


Anyone that prods the gem and thinks about immobilizing Calyo will cause Calyo's body to become completely stiff and unable to move. A subsequent prod can remobilize hir. This works on any form.


In any form, someone else can prod Calyo's control gem and think about hir becoming their toy. The gem will bind hir to hir new owner as their new toy. Shi will believe shi is a toy and belongs to hir owner and cannot be convinced otherwise until the gem is prodded again and shi is released.


The valve is as pleasurably sensitive as a reproductive organ. However, the valve can also be prodded and hir senses and body's sensitivity altered with a thought from total deprivation to extreme.

Calyo's Zippers

Calyo's Zippers

Marjask gave Calyo hir zippers during a spontaneous episode of sexual greed. They haven't been dismissed since, and Calyo has grown accustomed to the unobtrusive rubber tabs attached to certain parts of hir body. Shi enjoys the feeling of nonconsentual chastity that they represent and enforce when used.

Zipper Function

The zippers seal their respective sexual structures shut or disable their sexual functions, as well as numb their capacity for feeling pleasure. Whoever closes a zipper is the only one that can open it or permit others to open it. Calyo is unable to open any closed zipper. (Mouse over each part for details.)


The back zipper is positioned just below and between Calyo's tentacles. When zipped up fully, Calyo's tentacles are incapable of producing cum and rendered insensitive. However, zipping halfway only disables the tentacles' cum production, while over-zipping renders the tentacles limp and lifeless.


The chest zipper is present only when Calyo has female breasts. When zipped up, Calyo's breasts are perfectly smooth, insensitive orbs (no nipples for suckling). Like the back zipper, zipping halfway only smooths Calyo's breasts, keeping them sensitive to other forms of teasing.

Cock Slit

The cock slit zipper functions just like the vagina zipper, sealing the slit closed and rendering Calyo incapable of having an erection. If, however, the zipper is closed while shi is fully aroused, hir cock is enclosed in an insensitive pouch of latex and hir state of arousal is indefinitely pre- served until opened again.


Like the chest zipper, the mouth zipper appears conditionally: When another zipper has been closed to any degree, two tabs appear at the corners of Calyo's mouth. They are pulled together to the middle to close hir mouth. If closed partially, hir mouth becomes a suck hole, and if pulled together to anything gagging him, hir mouth will seal around the gag.


The vagina zipper pulls upward and closes Calyo's vagina with a rubber seal, rendering it as an insensitive cleft in Calyo's nethers. Any state of arousal that Calyo is in is preserved indefinitely until opened once again.

Tail Hole

The tail hole zipper, when pulled, tightens Calyo's sphincter and causes it to seal shut. Fortunately, Calyo has no physical need to defecate. This structure is an artifact from when shi was flesh and is occasionally used for anal sex.

CrysCore Glue Hybrid

CrysCore Glue Hybrid

Calyo has been infused with some of TeraDyne's own CrysCore Glue to make hir a latex/glue hybrid synthetic as a sort of "upgrade" from hir original glue suit. CrysCore Glue is a variant of hir CrysCore Latex, which is a special type of latex that TeraDyne can control.


Calyo is naturally capable of controlling the glue that has been infused into hir body. However, since CrysCore Glue is a creation of TeraDyne, shi is capable of controlling it against Calyo's will.

Bond Strength

The glue's bond strength can range from mildly tacky to "industrial strength" (effectively unbreakable). Calyo can make any part of hir body exhibit any degree of tack.

Glue Hardness

The glue's hardness can range from completely liquid like Calyo's body to as hard as steel. In this way, it is possible for Calyo's body to be forced to "cure" into a static pose.


Calyo is capable of producing CrysCore Glue and secreting it from any part of hir body. Hir secretions can even be used on hir, since hir CrysCore Glue composition renders hir vulnerable to its effects.

Glue Suit Mode

Since the CrysCore Glue hybridization was an upgrade to Calyo's original glue suit, shi has a special "mode" with the glue that enables hir to produce and wear a sticky latex glue suit over hir body.

Calyo's Sex Toxin

Sex Toxin

Another gift from the Naisurian dragon TeraDyne Ezeri, Calyo has been endowed with the ability to produce a special sexual toxin unique to the Naisurian race.

Production Stage

When being given the ability to produce the toxin (which itself involved being injected with it by another Naisurian dragon), Calyo was surprised to find that TeraDyne pushed him into Stage 6 production. This is the most potent level of production, typically reserved exclusively to Naisurian Prism dragons.


The toxin is naturally produced within Calyo's body as a physical byproduct of hir sexual energy, and can be secreted through several points:

Roof of Maw

This is the standard secretion point for Naisurian sex toxin, and as it is secreted it drips down from the producer's mouth into the recipient via kissing


Calyo's normally large canine teeth were modified into fangs during the process, and shi is capable of instantly intoxicating hir victims with a bite that instantly heals when shi releases


This is a special secretion point for Calyo. Just as hir tentacles are capable of producing an endless stream of cum, they are also able to secrete a constant, but significantly weakened stream of toxin. Calyo cannot give another the ability to produce toxin via hir tentacles, but instead can provide a limitless supply to maintain a constant sexual overdrive.


As a producer of the toxin, Calyo has been given several physical enhancements that improve hir sexual capacities

Oversized Orgasm

While Calyo can still have two orgasms in rapid succession, shi is now capable of bearing orgasms four times larger than before

Cum Storage

During extended periods in which Calyo does not experience sexual orgasm, hir body will naturally store a reserve of hir own cum. However, after a week of abstinence (or deprivation), Calyo is forced to turn female and her building reserves of cum and toxin move into her breasts, where they mix together. At this point, the only way to empty the combined reserve is for another to drink the poisoned cum directly from her breasts.


The sexual toxin does not only affect Calyo with enhancements. It also has a suite of effects on others when introduced into their bodies

Instant Arousal

The instant the toxin enters its victim's body, the victim is forced into an endless state of sexual arousal complete with highly sensitive priapism

Endless Orgasm

The victim's instant arousal is quickly followed by a supercharged level of cum production, inevitably resulting in a sustained orgasm for however long the toxin remains in the victim's blood (usually several hours)

Dulled Mind

The intense, forced euphoria has an additional effect on the victim's mind, dulling it and rendering it more susceptible to suggestion; the stronger the mind, the weaker this effect

Boosted Stamina

As the toxin settles into the victim's body, they are endowed with a significantly amplified sexual stamina, usually able to continue producing cum and orgasming for several hours on end

Spider Silk

Spider Silk

Calyo's ability to produce spider silk was given to him by TeraDyne. It originated from a form which shi gave him temporarily, from which Calyo requested to keep its silk producing capabilities.

Silk Material

Calyo's silk is composed of a hybrid latex / resin material imbued with TeraDyne's own crys-core latex, with varying proportions of each resulting in different physical properties. Latex imbues the silk with elasticity and flexibility, whereas resin imbues the silk with tensile strength and adhesive properties. The crystal-based latex makes the silk completely indestructible.

Secretion Points

Calyo can secrete the silk from special "glands" located near the tip of hir tail and underneath hir tongue. Shi cannot produce silk when shi does not have a defined form that does not have a mouth or tail.

Silk Properties

The following properties are listed with respect to mixture ratios dominated by latex or resin in that order. The higher percentage component of each deter- mines the bias of each property. Abbreviations used: (L)ow, (M)edium, (H)igh, (S)low, (F)ast.

Containment Gems

Containment Gems

These three gems were given to Calyo by TeraDyne. They enable TeraDyne to remotely control and contain Calyo using hir own indestructible CrysCore technology.

Containment Gem Cut

The Containment Gems are cut in a variant of the oval brillaint cut. Instead of a crown and a pavilion, each gem has twin mirror-image crowns.


The three gems are embedded into Calyo's chest. The center gem is located directly in the center and above hir cleavage. The other smaller two gems flank its either side, slightly above and spread halfway to hir shoulders.

Autonomy Containment

The central gem can be used by TeraDyne to "contain" Calyo's Autonomy. That is, this gem grants TeraDyne complete at-will control over Calyo's body and mind and keeps Calyo's will bound to hir Mastress's.

Energy Containment

The right flanking gem is capable of containing any amount of energy that Calyo can use for mobility. However, this gem can be used by TeraDyne to leech Calyo's energy, effectively limiting hir mobility until hir body completely solidifies.

Matter Containment

The left flanking gem is capable of containing any amount of matter, typically more living latex, that Calyo can use to produce massive quantities of rubber on-the-fly and take time later to refill.

Special Modes

Calyo's Tentacle Beast Mode

Tentacle Beast Mode

Calyo has a Tentacle Beast mode in which shi grows extra sets of tentacles from various points of hir body, all capable of dividing along their lengths into smaller limbs

Domination Mindset

As a Tentacle Beast, Calyo becomes a natural dominant. Shi will put himself in a position of power over others and hold onto it. As a result, hir natural prediliction towards power drives him to remain a Tentacle Beast, usually until shi's grown too bored to bother any longer.

Drunk With Power

As a natural dominant, Calyo has the potential to grow drunk with power. When this happens, any gentle intimacy that shi may exhibit disappears completely, leaving nothing but a depraved, lustful, sex-driven monster that takes what shi wants and enslaves everyone shi can bend to hir will. May the gods have mercy on the poor souls whom shi converts into hir minions, for shi will have none.

Minion Conversion

As a Tentacle Beast, Calyo has the power to convert anyone who submits themselves to hir authority into a loyal, sub-servient minion. The conversion process usually involves some form of breaking via repeated tentacle raping, entrapment in a tentacled enslavement suit for forced servitude, or complete conversion into a loyal, liquid latex pet.

Sentient Serpents

As a Tentacle Beast, Calyo requires so much mental power to use hir tentacles that a secondary mind spawns to act as a semi-sentient interface. However, this mind has its own desires for pleasure. If Calyo does not keep hir tentacles regularly sated with pleasure, they will take control of themselves and satiate their needs against Calyo's will.

Doubled Tentacle Length

The resting lengths of all of Calyo's existing back tentacles is doubled to 2m (6ft− 6in) minimum

Back Tentacles

Calyo grows a second set of eight tentacles on hir back on either side of the existing set

Medusa Head

Calyo's horns are replaced by a pair of black tentacles approximately 50cm (19½ in) long; below this pair are three more identical sets of tentacles that line hir neck like a set of medusa locks

Arm & Leg Tentacles

Pairs of tentacles as long as their parent limbs grow from Calyo's shoulders and hips

Tail Tentacles

A fifth pair of extremity tentacles grows from the base of Calyo's tail


Calyo's tongue shifts into a pair of long tentacles, each one capable of fully inde- pendent movement of the other

Calyo's Sex Toy Mode

Sex Toy Mode

Calyo has a special mode that converts hir, in any form, into an eager & ready sex toy, ripe for use and abuse

Activation Trigger

Calyo or anyone in control of Calyo can activate this mode at will. However, Calyo cannot shift out of it on hir own; shi must have an owner to deactivate it for hir by command… if that owner can resist hir seduction, hir temptingly erotic form, and hir addictive pheromones.

Brimming Boobies

Calyo is forced to be a female who possesses breasts that are constantly lactating and leaking. Hir latex milk induces a mild craving for more, and can also effect transformations at hir desire.

Copious Climax

Calyo is able to withstand and produce a climax ten times more powerful and productive than normal, with high pressure ejaculation guaranteed to thoroughly shower herself and hir partner in cum from all sexual orifices

Eternal Edging

Calyo is forced into a neverending state of being just on the edge of orgasm, but as a sex toy shi cannot orgasm on hir own. She can only orgasm via any form of intervention by another, be it a verbal command or permission, or physical stimulation If shi has an owner, shi cannot orgasm at all without hir owner's input.

Fomenting Pheromones

Calyo's body produces a universal pheromone that induces a strong sexual craving in anyone who smells it. A far more potent concentration of this pheromone is secreted onto hir skin, making hir look ultra-wet. One lick instantly induces arousal and forces the victim into an uncontrollable sexual addiction.

Perpetual Precum Production

All of Calyo's genitalia (cock, cock slit, vagina, and vent) constantly leaks a slippery, syrup-like precum that becomes slightly sticky as it dries. Calyo's tongue also becomes a cocktongue that likewise leaks a stream of precm.

Pleasure Parallel

Any physical contact with Calyo results in hir companion feeling this same contact on their own body as if they were Calyo herself. In this way, Calyo can experience a simultaneous orgasm with hir partner.

Plushie Pliability

Calyo's entire core is latex foam, trans- forming hir into an ulra cuddly latex plush that is intensely pleasurable to squeeze.

Pre-Sexual Slobber

Calyo's own saliva becomes the same syrupy precum as in Perpetual Precum Production. As another effect, to make sure that Calyo's entire mouth is lubricated inside and out, hir swallow reflex is likewise suppressed and shi effectively drools precum constantly.

Pulsing Priapism

Calyo is afflicted with a constantly throbbing and neverending erection in a permanent state of sexual need that drives hir wild with lust.

Sexy Shiny Sleekness

By default, Calyo's skin smooths out into perfectly flawless, highly polished latex unless hir user or owner forces hir to bear a differing texture. Calyo cannot change hir texture on hir own.

Shape-Shift Shut Down

When Sex Toy Mode is active, Calyo's natural liquid shapeshifting abilities are locked from hir control. She can shapeshift only when a partner forces hir to do so via hir valve or leash, or if shi is claimed by a master and is allowed to freely shapeshift.

Silicone Sensitives

Certain sexually usable parts of Calyo's body are transformed into glistening, smooth, soft, and naturally slick silicone that is hypersensitive to contact:

Dildo Dick

Calyo's cock becomes permanently erect as a fully-knotted silicone dildo. This dildo can be detached, another one quickly growing in its place, to be used by anyone. Even when Sex Toy Mode is inactive, Calyo will be able to feel any and all contact with these separated dildos as if they were hir own cock.

Cunt Covering

Calyo's cunt is lined with silicone, making it soft and easily fuckable. Hir cunt is likewise forced into a permanent state of arousal, its lips swollen and moist.

Muff Mouth

The entire inside of Calyo's mouth, except for hir tongue, is lined with silicone and can experience sexual pleasure as though it were a cunt. Hir mouth is ribbed and hir lips highly sensitive like vaginal lips, with a small clitoris-like bulge at the tip of hir nose.

Naughty Nipples

Hir nipples are erect and highly sensitive silicone nubs. They are particularly sensitive to breastfeeding, and pleasure hir strongly whenever they are suckled.

Passage Plug

Calyo's tail vent is filled with a thick dildo plug with a hole inside for others to fuck. This plug also has a thick knot that keeps constant pressure on Calyo's vent.

Slubber Suck Socket

Upon Calyo's or hir user's will, hir mouth shapes into a hole that is sized just right for sucking cock. She is rendered unable to speak, but can still vocalize, and shi is unable to transform hir mouth back until shi makes the first person shi started sucking orgasm.

Orgasm Release

The orgasm required to free hir mouth must be derived primarily through fellatio. Any other stimulation that contributes to such more than the fellatio violates this requirement and will not release hir.

Auto-Fellatio Lock

If Calyo begins to suck herself, hir mouth will be permanently frozen as a hole until Sex Toy Mode is deactivated. She cannot orgasm on hir own without assistance.

Super Slime Secretion

Upon Calyo's or hir user's will, hir entire body slowly secretes a constant coat of syrupy precum, giving hir an ultra-wet look and super-lubricated body ready for all kinds of fun.

Tentacle Tears

All of Calyo's tentacles produce a constant stream of syrupy precum, thereby activating hir tentacles' sexual functions.

Twinned Tentacles

Regardless hir form, Calyo's number of tentacles will double as extra tentacles grow alongside hir existing ones. Where the new tentacles appear depends upon where they are located; all locations except the back apply only to Tentacle Beast mode:

Back Tentacles

In any form, Calyo grows four extra back tentacles on the outer side of each existing set of tentacles, yielding eight spaced pairs on either side of hir spine. If Tentacle Beast mode is active, eight new pairs of tentacles will grow immediately below each existing pair for four banks of eight closely spaced tentacles.

Medusa Head

Calyo's medusa tentacles grow their paired extras on the inside, replacing hir mane of feathers with a head of tentacles instead

Arm & Leg Tentacles

The pairs of tentacles at Calyo's shoulders and thighs grow a second pair immediately underneath themselves

Tail Tentacles

The pair of tentacles at the base of Calyo's tail grows a second pair immediately above at the base of hir back


Calyo's dual tentacle tongue becomes four tentacles

Absolute Allegiance

As a sex toy, Calyo will obey any and all commands given to hir by anyone without question. She exists to serve the pleasures and whims of others if they desire hir servitude, when shi is not actively tempting lust and desire on hir own. If claimed by a master, shi will only obey commands from hir master, unless shi is commanded to obey another.

Infinite Infatuation

When Calyo has been claimed by a master, shi will have complete and infallible love for hir master. Hir master is the sexiest creature alive to hir, and shi will actively seek to satisfy hir master's desires or serve hir master's whims before hir own needs.

Sex Slut Singularity

This part of the mode partially alters Calyo's mentality to convert hir into a nymphomaniac, self-whoring slut. Sex dominates hir thoughts, and shi espe- cially craves getting sex from anyone who willingly reciprocates hir advances.

Snakeshaft Curse

Snakeshaft Curse

This is a curse that was given to Calyo by TeraDyne Demaicorre. The curse forces him to become the snakeshaft that shi has, but bonded to someone else as their snakeshaft. While shi remains fully conscious and aware, shi is unable to control hir length unless hir host allows it to hir.

Tail Attachment

There are two means of activating the curse that both involve the tip of Calyo's tail: it can be pushed into a cunt, or a cock can be pushed into a slit that is on the underside.

Bond Time

If Calyo is forced against hir will by anyone to become their snakeshaft, the curse will bind hir to hir host for at least 24 hours. After this time, Calyo can remain bonded of hir own free will. If shi bonds with hir mates, or if shi willingly bonds with another, shi will be imprisoned indefinitely until hir host frees him.

Scent Sensitivity

As a snakeshaft, Calyo is highly sensitive to the scent of hir own mates and of any other substance which shi finds erotic (i.e. rubber, latex, vinyl, adhesives, etc.). Shi is slightly more sensitive to musk in general, but not as much as hir mates' musk. Hir arousal will transfer to hir host upon inhaling these scents.

Fusion Fun

Calyo and hir host can fuse together, allowing Calyo's host to become living latex like Calyo and to temporarily gain all of Calyo's abilities, curses, additions, and modes. Fusion lasts for at least 24 hours, and can continue indefinitely. The snakeshaft curse is transmitted immediately to hir host upon fusion. The longer Calyo and hir host are fused, the more of Calyo's traits are permanently copied.

Anthro Form

Calyo gains a new anthro snakeshaft form: a true naga with snakeshaft features, internal testicles with near-limitless rapid cum production, and the ability to attach to another to become a snakeshaft. When Calyo shifts into this form, shi cannot shift out until shi bonds with a host as their snakeshaft.

Crystal Sex Statue Curse

Crystal Sex Statue Curse

This is a curse that TeraDyne inflicted upon Calyo as a mark and representation of hir crystalmancy powers, and as a unique form in which shi can be exploited and exploit others.

Crystal Color

This color represents TeraDyne's own in hir crystal form. However, anyone else infected with this curse will change into a crystal of a color that represents their most prominent markings.

Statue Pose

If Calyo has been instructed or ordered to strike a specific pose prior to crystallization, shi will be preserved in that pose. If not, however, shi will default to a kneeling position, hir tail raised high to expose hir vent, hir arms behind hir back, and hir head bowed slightly.

Sexual Features

Victims of the curse are crystallized with an open maw and tail hole that can be used for sex. Those with a vagina also have theirs turned into a hole as well. Calyo in particular always bears an erect cock when shi is crystallized.

Curse Triggers

Calyo can willingly transform himself into a crystal statue at hir discretion. However, hir mates can use a special trigger phrase to force him to transform.

"Crystal Break"

This trigger phrase can only be used by Calyo's mates, Sildra, TeraDyne, and Squeak, to force him to transform into a crystal sex statue.

Curse Release Conditions

Calyo cannot decrystallize on hir own. Shi must either be granted freedom by hir mates, or infect another with the curse.

Infection Conditions

The only individuals who can use Calyo freely are hir mates, Sildra, TeraDyne, and Squeak. All others who use Calyo for sex while shi is crystal will be infected with the curse and will immediately crystallize when they attempt to walk away from Calyo.

Mates Clause

The trigger phrase and mates protection clause does not work if the infected victim does not possess a mate.

Arousal & Erections

Infected victims who possess a cock can be crystallized with a preserved erection if they are aroused and erect at the time of crystallization.

Outfit Details

General Outfit

General Outfit

Calyo typically wears a fairly consistent outfit, regardless of what form shi is in, whenever shi can wear these favored items.


Like all dragons, Calyo has a fondness for jewelry. However, hir display of shiny adornments is fairly conservative, yet equally expressive. Not being one for sub-par quality, all of Calyo's jewelry is 99.99% pure platinum, enchanted to be completely indestructible. All of Calyo's piercings have been magically welded closed as permanent deocrations.


This is the single piece of jewelry that Calyo has worn the longest and to which shi has the strongest sentimental attachment. Shi wears a single ring on hir right ring finger. Shi has worn it for nearly two centuries and not once has it ever been removed.

Left Ear

Calyo's left ear sports a single loop earing near the base, and a pair of studs (one near the loop, the other near the tip) linked by a chain. The single loop in this ear is the second oldest adornment that Calyo wears, all other jewelry items being much younger and acquired more recently.

Right Ear

Calyo wears three closely-spaced rings in the middle of hir right ear. These ear- rings were acquired at the same time as hir chain-linked studs.

Nipple Studs

Calyo has a pair of barbell studs pierced through hir nipples. The barbell caps are the same size as hir nipples and have physical contact with hir nipples. While shi has no biological need for nipples, shi almost always has them just to show off these studs.

Usual Clothing

Along with hir jewelry, which Calyo always wears, shi also wears several items of clothing as part of hir general style:


Calyo's kimono is made of a cotton-silk blend fabric, colored pitch black with indigo stripe patterns that somewhat resemble circuitry. Shi often wears it loose as a robe, but sometimes closes it with a waist sash. Shi also sometimes wears a separate white kimono underneath.

Cargo Pants

Calyo has a very high fondness for cargo pants, both of their looseness and their many pockets. Shi tends to wear dark grey pants whenever shi does.


Calyo's favored choice for underwear is the thong. Being a hermaphrodite with internal genitals enables hir to wear one comfortably. Hir preferred style closely resembles panties designed for a male hip. Whenever shi wears one, it is always pink and made of latex.

TeraDyne Latex Style

Calyo wears a pair of latex gloves and boots that were given to hir by TeraDyne. These garments are permanently sealed to hir body, and only TeraDyne can release them. They can change color, texture, and design as desired, and be controlled externally via hir leash.

Chameleon Skin

Calyo's gloves and boots have a "Chameleon Skin". When shi is wearing nothing, these items default to pink, but will automatically change colors to coordinate with whatever shi is wearing.


The gloves that Calyo wears look like elbow-length opera gloves with cutoff fingers (to hir first knuckle).


The boots that Calyo wears are knee-high, toeless, and look as if they are made of insectoid chitin.

Glue Suit

This was a random gift from TeraDyne to entertain Calyo's love of stickiness and resin encasement. It was eventually upgraded to convert Calyo into a CrysCore Glue Hybrid, but has since been retained as a special mode.


The suit is "stored" as the CrysCore Glue that's mixed into hir body, and covers every surface of hir entire body whenever it's secreted.

Physical Properties

The suit can be any color, and can take on, in whole or in part, any degree of stiffness, elasticity, and adhesiveness the wearer (or controller) desires. However, the suit cannot be any less tacky than wood glue (a restriction set by TeraDyne hirself). It is a powerful tack, but not impossible to pull free from. Anything that touches the suit instantly sticks until given the command to release.

Glue Leakage

When active, the suit forces Calyo to constantly leak resin CrysCore Glue from hir mouth, nethers, and tentacles. If shi is not careful, hir mouth can be sealed shut by a resin gag. The resin leakage can be used to encase a victim in a solid shell, or to gradually cover them in a Glue Suit of their own. If used to create another Glue Suit, the recipient will have a permanently active partial covering until covered completely.

Resin Gag

An extension of the natural glue leakage, Calyo can be forced to flood hir mouth with resin that shapes itself into a hollow gag and quickly hardens to seal hir mouth open with a sticky, leaky fuck hole. The hole is permanent until the suit is deactivated. As an extra feature, the gag can be activated even when the suit is not, but cannot be removed unless the suit is activated for at least a day and then deactivated.

Resin Encasement

The suit can additionally harden into a form-fitting resin shell, as hard as steel, and anything attached becomes trapped inside until the suit softens again. The suit will remain fully tacky, even when completely solid.

Glue Transformation

Calyo can be sealed up completely and allowed to build up enough glue leakage within hir own body to transform into a being composed entirely of resin. Calyo can also inject a victim's body with enough of hir own resin leakage to transform them as well. The victim's body can exhibit the same properties as a suit, and can even become a symbiotic Glue Suit for another wearer. When bonded to a host body, the living suit can control itself, but it cannot separate unless it transforms its host into a Glue creature.

Kink Classes

These are my favorite kinks; you are guaranteed a happy me if any these are used in RP
These are kinks that I absolutely WILL do if given the chance! I love them just that much.
These are kinks I like to do; you needn't ask if I don't want to do them, only if I am in the mood to play
I don't normally do these kinks, but I can be talked into them if I am in the right mood
These kinks are listed here for a reason; don't dare go here or I will call the RP off; no means no for a reason
These are kinks that make me shudder; I can't understand why they even exist (but I don't fault anyone for liking them)



Insects, arachnids, lobsters & related, crabs, millipedes & centipedes





Big Cats

Large species of felines: lions, tigers, cheetahs, pumas / cougars, leopards, & panthers


Dogs, wolves, etc.


Wolves, Dingoes, & domes- ticated dogs; generally refers to wolves


Foxes, Kitsunes, & related species

German Shepherds

A very strong & intelligent working breed of dog, Ger- man Shepherds are very sociable, but can also be very fierce


Whales, dolphins, porpoises, orcas, etc.


Corvids are among the most intelligent species of avian: Blue Jays, Crows / Ravens, Magpies, etc.


Crocodiles, alligators, etc.


Demons, usually unholy


Monsters from the TV series of the same name




Mythical, often magical, horned reptilian predators that can fly and usually possess some form of breath weapon.

Exotic Species

Expresses an interest for uncommon, hybrid, or otherwise exotic choices in species.


Cats, big cats, etc.

Frogs & Toads

Frogs & Toads


Mythical beasts that are statues by day, but living, breathing flesh by night


A condition in which one's state alternates between flesh & bone and statu- esque on a day/night basis



Anything with Hooves

Equines (horses), bovines (cows, bison, & buffalo), cervines (deer & related), caprinae (sheep, goats, & related), satyrs, minotaurs, etc.


Non-morphic humans






A small genus of tropical herbivorous lizards native to Central & South America


Evil spirits supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with women as they sleep


Kangaroos & wallabies


Humans that possess limi- ted animal traits, such as ears, tails, paw-hands, etc.


Rabbits, jackrabbits, etc.


Skunks, badgers, etc.


Creatures that are half human anthro and half fish


Skunks, weasels, ferrets, etc.

Newts & Salamanders

Newts & salamanders




Sea Lions, seals, & walruses


Monsters from the TV series of the same name


Raccoons, coatimundi, longtails, etc.

Raptors (Birds)

Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, Owls, Kestrels, etc.

Raptors (Dinosaurs)

Dinosaurs classified as raptors



Robots / Androids

Artificial lifeforms


Mice & rats, lapines (rab- bits), squirrels, beavers, chipmunks, capybara, etc.


Snakes, nagas, anthro snakes, etc.




Evil spirits supposed to descend upon and have sexual intercourse with men as they sleep


Pigs & boars

Taurs / Chakats

Any character resembling a centaur






Draconic creatures with a pair of wings for their forelims

Kinks Library


Scrapes or bruises


Vore by means of merging with the predator, or being absorbed and/or dissolved by an anatomical fluid of the predator


Voluntary sexual inter- course between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse

Air Pumps for Inflation

The use of air pumps to inflate another, typically an inflatable or pooltoy

Anal Fisting

Fitting a fist in an anus

Anal Gaping

Stretching the anal passage enough so that it stays open without any penetra- tion for a period of time

Anal to Maw

Anal sex followed by oral sex

Anal Prolapse

Where insides of the anus are pulled out by force (unnatural means, such as a cream, liquid, or suction method or internal massage) or naturally (either by a cock, dido, or pushing)

Anal Sex

Giving/Receiving anal sex

Anal Training

Training one to receive anal sex frequenty

Anal to Vaginal

Anal sex followed by vaginal sex

Anatomically Correct

Expresses an interest in characters that have realistic and average body proportions


Non-morphic animals


Any species of sentient anthropomorphic human/ animal hybrids, usually bipedal

Anthro on Feral / Quadrupedal

Sexual acts involving an anthro mounting a feral or quadrupedal partner


Substances that heighten one's libido


The use of complex objects with moving parts in order to bondage, immobilize, or otherwise sexually gratify and/or incapacitate another


The act of giving oneself fellatio or cunnilingus

Heavy Ballooning

Filling another with a non- cum substance to physical or fantastic limits, usually making one look like a balloon

Barbed Cocks

Penises that have barbs, usually on the tip, some- times painful

Bathroom Use Control

Forcing one to not use the bathroom for a period of time


Engaging in sexual acts with animals



Black Cocks

Simply put, cocks that are colored black


Using blindfolds


Bloodplay, usually paired with bloodletting


Taut fat, often as body insulation or for non-flabby bulk

Body Alteration

Changing one's physical composure through any means

Body Growth

A gradual increase in the size of one's body

Body Suits

Suits that cover the entire body, usually skin tight

Bondage for Art

Nonsexual bondage, usually for artistic merit, some- times for serving as furni- ture

Light Bondage

Some physical restraints, nothing too uncomfortable

Heavy Bondage

Many physical restrains, usually uncomfortable, unpleasurable, or painful


The act of drinking milk from the breasts of another

Breastplay / Nippleplay

Sexual play involving breasts and/or nipples

Breast/Nipple Torture

Sexual torture involving breasts and/or nipples

Breast Worship

Paying homage to one's breasts and/or nipples verbally and/or physically


Making a physical etch in one's body

Small Breasts

Breasts no larger than a B cup

Large Breasts

Breasts larger than a C cup, but not larger than the character's head

Macro Breasts

Breasts larger than the character's head, usually much larger

Breath Control

Having one's breath held for a period of time, usually repeatedly and in combi- nation with throat penetra- tion

Buff / Mega Muscle

An individual with extreme muscle definition, often having a physically enlarged body


Multiple people cumming on someone else


Singeing of the skin


Putting one inside a cage


The removal of a male's testicles

Casualness / Informality

Treating sexual acts, having explicit dialogue or reacting to predetermined kinks casually, or as if they were normal in their setting


The application of a small tube or other item into the urethra

Cervical Penetration

Vaginal sex involving penetration of the cervix


Chaining one down

Macro Characters

Extremely large characters, usually taller than 3m/10ft

Micro Characters

Extremely small characters, usually smaller than 1m/3ft


Prevention of any genital interaction


Extreme breath control, or strong pressure applied around the neck

Clothed Sex

Engaging in an RP where you and/or your partner are not undressed during sexual interaction

Cock Fucking

The act of inserting one's penis into another penis and thrusting into it as if it were a more traditional orifice

Small Cocks

Penises smaller than 5 inches

Medium Cocks

Penises between 5 and 9 inches

Large Cocks

Penises between 9 and 15 inches

Macro Cocks

Penises that are usually two feet long or more

Cock Slapping

The act of using one's penis to slap one's partner and/or being slapped by a penis

Cock Tails

A tail with a tip shaped like that of a cock

Cock Tongues

Tongues shaped like a phallus, complete with a head and sometimes a knot

Cock / Balls Worship

Paying homage to one's cock and/or balls verbally and/or physically

Coersion / Blackmail

Obtaining consent through means of coersion or blackmail


Competition, whether it be sexual or nonsexual, usually to please a dom the most, or to dom a sub the best

Constriction for Nonsexual Play

The act of constricting one's body in a nonsexual manner

Constriction for Sexual Play

The act of constricting one's body, often to enhance one's arousal or orgasm


Refers to the loss of morality, characterized by a character starting pure and then becoming depraved in some way, typically ending with them being evil, slutty, or some combination of the two


Wearing corsets


The act of orgasming into/onto an exposed, often gaping, orifice or receiving such actions


Dressing in the clothing of the opposite gender

Crotch Sniffing

The act of inhaling the sent of the crotch, or receiving such actions

Crush / Stomp

The act of crushing or stomping an object or person under one's own feet


The act of cuddling / embracing one another

Cum Bath

The act of being treated physically with cum like having it rubbed into one's skin or fur, or literally bathing in it, or having one's semen used in such ways

Cum Enemas

Filling the intestines with cum, usually from an orgasm

Soft Cum Facials

Cum landing on cheeks, lips, hair, and/or closed eyes

Hard Cum Facials

Cum landing in ears, on open eyes, and/or stuffing one's mouth

Cum From Mouth / Nose

The act of giving anal or vaginal sex and subse- quently ejaculating wtih such force and/or by such a volume that the cum leaks and/or sprays from the bottom's mouth and/or nose, or receiving such actions

Light Cum Inflation

Filling another with cum to the physical limits, usually involving belly or abdomen bulges

Heavy Cum Inflation

Filling another with cum to fantastic limits, usually making one look like a balloon

Cum MarkingMarking another's body with cum

Cum Showers

Bathing or washing in a spray or pool of cum


Males who possess a vaina and cervix instead of a cock and balls


Loss of life


The act of emptying an inflatable's or pooltoy's body of the fluid that fills it

Degradation / Kinkectification

Physically or mentally redu- cing one's worth or self- respect, possibly objectify- ing


One wearing diapers, sometimes diaper use as well

Dirty Talking

Speaking blatantly sexually to another

Discipline / Punishments

Using negative reinforce- ment


Gods, goddesses, demi-gods, and demigoddesses of all sorts, ranging from those barely more powerful than a mortal to the nearly omnipotent


Inanimate replicas of individuals, often built for the purpose of sexual use


The act of dominating or controlling another

Draining / Absorption

The act of draining another of specific fluids or energy, or absorbing another individual

Drooling / Slobbering

Saliva leaking or draining out of one's mouth

Dual Arms

Two pairs of arms

Dual-cock: Side-by-Side

Two cocks, side by side

Dual-cock: Top-Bottom

Two cocks, one over another

Dual Heads

Two heads, often side-by- side

Dual Tails

Two tails, often side-by- side

Ear Play

Any kind of interaction focusing on the ears, including suckling, caressing, or pulling

Electric Toys

Use of electric toys on one's body


The act whereby the genitalia are removed by magical or surgical means, usually the penis and/or the testicles. May also imply humiliation; e.g. to render a male less of a man


The use of electric shock to stimulate one's genitalia


The act of encasing or sealing one's body, in part or whole, inside a shell that inhibits movement

Endless Orgasm

An abnormally long orgasm, sometimes indefinite or permanent


Filling the intestines with liquid, usually to clean them out


Master/Slave play

Equine Cocks

Cocks shaped like those of equines

Erection / Flaccidation At Will

The ability to force one's phallus to grow erect or flaccid at will without stimulation or lack thereof

Excessive Precum

The production of a larger than average amount of precum

Excessive Semen

The production of a larger than average amount of semen

Physical Exhaustion

Tiring one out physically

Sexual Exhaustion

Tiring one out sexually

Exotic Cocks

Cocks with exotic and unusual shapes

Experienced Partners

Partners with a high sexual ability

Very Experienced Partners

Partners who exceed the sexual ability of most


Experimentation or the use of experiments

Extreme Fertility / Potency

Possessing an unusually high capacity for production of cum or eggs

Face Slapping

Slapping one's face


The expulsion of gas (flatus) from the anus or vagina during roleplay


Flabby fat that often hangs under its own weight


Motivation of one through fear


Untamed characters, can be morphic or non morphic, usually cannot speak

Feral/Quadrupedal on Anthro

Sexual acts involving a feral or quadrupedal mounting an anthro partner

Fingers in Mouth

Placing one's fingers in another's mouth

Fist Gloves / Mitts

Gloves that force the wearer's fingers together or hands to ball into fists


Exceptional or unrealistic flexibility, typically used to achieve extremely difficult or impossible sexual posi- tions to derive maximum stimulation

Flogging / Whipping

Flogging or whipping


The act of playing with food in a sexual aspect, often using ice or chocolate

Footplay / Pawplay

Special attention to feet, possibly sexual

Forced Clotheswearing

One being forced to wear specific items of clothing, sometimes to embarrass or degrade

Force, General

Performing acts that require force, sometimes with tight penetrations, also sometimes non-consensual

Forced Incest

Nonconsensual sexual relations between relatives

Forced Nudity

One being forced to not wear clothes

Forced Sexual Orientation

Nonconsentual sexuality with a specific gender

Frot / Docking / Tribadism

Placing two penises (Frot) or vaginas (Tribadism) against or aside one another and rubbing, or penetrating the sheath/slit of another male (Docking)

Gagging & Gags

The act of gagging, usually from something being placed at the back of the throat or between the jaws to prevent speech and/or the mouth from closing

Gas Masks

Using gas masks

Hair Pulling

Pulling hair

Handjobs / Fingerjobs

Hand-genital stimulation

Hands-Free Orgasm

Experiencing an orgasm without having to touch one's own genitalia


State of heightened sexual arousal, often altering one's inhibitions. May correspond with being more receptive to impregnation.


Characters having both a penis and vagina

Hoof Boots

Special boots that force the wearer to walk on hoof-like soles


The act of riding on the back of another or giving a ride to another


The act of placing a penis between the ass cheeks and pressing them against it and sliding it between them in order to reach sexual satisfaction


The act of hugging


Strong embarrassment, usually sexual


Oversized sexual organs, such as a cock two or more feet long or breasts larger than one's head


Sexual attraction to oversized sexual organs

Hypnotism / Mind Control

Subconscious mental per- suasion, and other forms of mind control


Using ice


Complete immobilization of one's body


Sexual relations between relatives

Inexperienced Partners

Partners with little to no sexual experience


Immaturity, as in behavior or character

Inflatables / Pooltoys

Objects, either animated or not, made of a hollow latex or vinyl skin and filled with a fluidic substance

Inflatable Plugs / Dildos

Plugs or dildos that can be inserted into one's body and then inflated to put pressure against one's insides


The act of filling another with a large amount of gas or fluid, in order to cause their body to bulge or grow


The use of injections

Intestinal Penetration

Anal sex involving penetra- tion of the intestines


Body decorations often made of precious metal and gemstones to improve one's visual appeal


Abduction, usually of one younger or weaker


The act of kissing


The act of lodging the knot of a penis into any orifice. (Some penises have a thick, firm bulge at the base, which is usually called a knot.)


The ability to produce milk from one's breasts

Large External Testicles

Testicles larger than a golf ball

Latex / Rubber

Using latex or rubber

Leash & Collar

Using a leash and collar


A tough substance derived from the hide of various creatures, often used to make clothing or bondage equipment


Licking breasts or genitalia, or a nonsexual part of the body


Female pedophilia

Long/Tentacular Tongues

Tongues that are abnor- mally long, sometimes able to function as a manipulator

Magic Users

Characters that can control forces by magic


The use of masks (surgical, BDSM, gas masks, etc.) typically to conceal the wearer's identity


The act of deriving sexual pleasure from feeling pain


Giving or receiving a massage



Medical Play

Medical scenes or other medical play


The use of medicines


Menstruation play

Mental/Behavior Restraints

Putting limits on how one can and cannot act


Environments with gravity less than ½ that of Earth's gravity


Interchangeable body parts, enabling one to "mix and match"

Mouth to Anus

Transferring sexual activity from one's mouth to one's anus

Multiple Arms

More than two pairs of arms

Multiple Breasts

More than two breasts

Multiple Cocks

More than two cocks

Multiple Heads

More than two heads

Multiple Orgasm

The ability to experience multiple orgasms in rapid succession

Multiple Tails

More than two tails


Wrapping one up in a tight material


Scents secreted from one's genitalia to incite sexual arousal in another


The destruction of one's body, sometimes limb removal


Use of needles to puncture sensitive skin, sometimes to make piercings

Non-Consentual Scenes

Scenes that involve acts without consent of both characters

Nonsexual Pain

Causing pain through physical harm

Nonsexual Servitude

One performing services of a nonsexual nature

Nonsexual Torture

Torture that is nonsexual in nature, or greatly harms one nonsexually


Arousal with a full bladder, or seeing others with full bladders


Use or emphasis of exaggerated descriptions of sexual noises in a roleplay with words that seek to duplicate the sounds they describe

Oral Sex

Giving/Receiving oral sex

Orgasm Control

Controlling when another reaches orgasm

Orgasm Denial

Denying another any orgasms


The act of inflating one's body to fantastic or extreme limits


Egg laying


The act of paddling

Lithe Partners

Partners that have little body mass

Multiple Partners

More than two characters in a scene

Muscular Partners

Partners that have high muscle tone

Older Partners

Both characters of legal age, but one significantly older than the other. A common example of this is a MILF and a male in his 20s.

Smooth Partners

Partners that have smooth external features such as skin, fur, or scales

Partner Swapping

Passing on sexual partners to one another


Sexual attraction to underaged individuals

Double Penetration

Two orifices of one charac- ter being penetrated at the same time (or a single hole being penetrated by two objects)

Triple+ Penetration

Three (or more?) orifices of one character being pene- trated at the same time (or a single hole being penetra- ted by three (or more?) objects)

Permanent / Indefinite Situations

Situations that are perma- nent or have an indefinite duration

Pet Play

The act of subjecting oneself to another's mastery, or mastering another, as though a companion


Conversion of living flesh into hard, inorganic sub- stances, typically stone or crystal

Photographing / Videotaping

The act of photographing or videotaping a scene

Physical Restraints

Putting limits on how one can and cannot move

Facial Piercings

Having or giving another any of many different types of piercings on the face or head

Genital/Nipple Piercings

Having or giving another any of many different types of piercings on sex organs or nipples

Nonsexual Piercings

Having or giving another any of many different types of piercings

Symbolic / Ownership Piercings

Having or giving another any of many different types of piercings that have impor- tant signification to a relationship


Any form of plant life, vegetation or individual composed partially, or fully, thereof

Pleasure Control

Controlling when another receives pleasure

Pleasure Denial

Denying another any pleasure

Plugs & Dildos

The use of butt plugs or dildos

Plushies / Stuffed Animals

Objects, either animated or not, often composed of a sewn fabric skin and stuffed with cotton or foam

Popping / Bursting

The act of popping an inflatable or pooltoy to force rapid deflation, or inflating an inflatable or pooltoy until they burst


The use of potions


A character can impregnate / become pregnant


Long-term or permanent erection of the phallus


The sale of one for sex

Psions & Psionics

The use of telepathic or telekinetic abilities, or individuals who possess such abilities

Public Masturbation

Self-pleasure in public in the context of the RP

Pussy Worship

Paying homage to one's pussy verbally and/or physically


Creatures that walk on four legs

Rimming & Being Rimmed

Licking the anus or having your character's anus licked

Roughhousing / Wrestling

Physical exertion against another, usually nonsexual

Rubber Furs

Anthro or non-anthro crea- tures that are composed in part or whole of latex, rubber, gel, or other elastic materials

Rubbing, Nonsexual

The act of rubbing in a nonsexual way

Rubbing, Sexual

The act of rubbing in a sexual way, often against or over one's genitalia


The act of deriving pleasure from the pain of others


Sexual play involving feces

Outdoor Scenes

Scenes involving outdoor settings

Public Scenes

Scenes involving public settings in the context of the RP

School Scenes

Scenes involving school settings

Scent Play / Scenting

Marking one with a scent, sometimes stinky


Using claws or nails to scratch another

Sensory Reduction / Deprivation

The act of inhibiting one's senses, often to tease or torment

Sexy / Slutty Clothing

One wearing clothing that intentionally shows off his/her sex appeal

Sexual Frustration

Being in or inducing a state of exceptional desperation or horniness such that one is often willing to eschew standard inhibitions in order to receive sexual stimulation

Sexual Pain

Causing pain through sexual activity

Sexual Restraints

Putting limits on how one can and cannot act sexu- ally, usually a prohibition of masturbation

Sexual Torture

Torture that is sexual in nature, or greatly harms one sexually

Sex Toys

Using sex toys, like dildos or vibrators


The act of removing fur or hair from one's body




Male pedophilia


A gradual, dramatic reduc- tion in one's body size


The act of sinking into a viscous or non-Newtonian substance


The act of changing the appearance of a male character to appear as a female and/or forcing the male to adopt the mannerisms of a female, or being the recipient of such actions

Size Differences (30−90cm / 1−3ft)

Character height differen- ces that are from thirty to ninety centimetres or one to three feet.

Size Differences (Macro-Micro)

Character height differen- ces that are excessively different

Slave Ownership

The act of owning one or more slaves

Slick & Slippery

Situations involving slick or slippery substances such as lubricant

Slime / Gel

Highly viscous, sometimes non-Newtonian substances that flow slowly and are often sticky or stringy and difficult to remove

Sloppy Seconds

Engaging in an RP in which a character that has just bee ncame in receives sex from a different partner in the same orifice without removing the previous partner's semen




Sitting on one's face

Snake Cocks

Cocks that are shaped like a snake, with a serpentine head and flexible length


One person receiving semen on his/her mouth, then passing it on to another person's mouth

Socks / Stockings

Knitted footwear often worn for warmth


Slapping usually on one's rear

Spontaneous Orgasms

Orgasms that usually hap- pen unexpectedly with minimal or no physical stimulation


Female ejaculation


Sexaual attraction to sticky & adhesive substances & situations

Adhesives & Glues

Substances designed to bind two surfaces together permanently

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum, often partially dried

Plant Sap & Resins

Substances secreted by plants

Syrup & Honey

Sugar-based substances from sugarcane or plant nectar

Tapes & Flypaper

Solid, sometimes flexible substrates coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive of varying strength

Stomach Bulging

The effect of an individual's stomach bulging either due to an exceptionally large inseartion, eating an exceptionally large amount of food, or as a localized form of inflation from any liquid or gas


Using a strap-on

Strip Tease

The act of slowly removing one's clothes, one item at a time, while dancing to entertain others watching


The act of submitting oneself to the authority of another


Business suits or tuxedoes

Swallowing Blood

Swallowing blood

Swallowing Feces

Swallowing feces

Swallowing Semen

Swallowing semen

Swallowing Urine

Swallowing urine


The act of sweating and/or receiving sexual gratification from the appearance, taste, sent, and/or tactility of sweat


Combining or chaining actions or kinks together to produce a stronger reaction


The living together of unlike organisms, sometimes physically connected and dependent on one another

Tail Pulling

The act of pulling on one's tail, sometimes painfully


Penetrating an orifice using a character's tail


Making one grow excited over small advances, usually sexual


Tentacle-like appendages

Thick/Sticky Cum

A preference for characters' semen to be particularly thick and/or viscous, often comparable to tar or glue

Thongs, Panties, & Bras

Very revealing female lengerie

Throat Penetration

Oral sex involving penetra- tion of the throat; in some situations, the stomach as well


Tickling anywhere on the body


Sexual intercourse usually involving pressing the breasts around a penis




Shemales, tomboys, etc.


Two or more characters who are identical, often siblings, who may or may not be played by the same player


The act of taking another into one's vagina & cervix, where the partner may remain for an extended period


Uniforms or other work- related clothing, often military-related

Unusual Semen

Semen that has any number of unusual or atypical properties, often referring to taste, color, texture, scent, and/or temperature


A device composed of a tubular frame with a latex envelope that one is placed in and restrained in place via a vacuum pump remo- ving most of the air inside

Vaginal Fisting

Fitting a fist in a vagina

Vaginal Gaping

Stretching the vaginal canal enough so that it stays open without any pene- tration for a period of time

Vaginal to Maw

Vaginal sex followed by oral sex

Vaginal Penetration

The act of penetrating a vagina

Vaginal Sex

Giving/Receiving vaginal sex

Verbal Abuse

Speaking abusively to another




The act of vomiting

Cock Vore

Vore involving the swallow- ing of one whole through another's cock

Soft Vore

Vore involving the swallow- ing of one whole, and with- out pain

Hard Vore

Vore involving the swallow- ing of one painfully, or alternative vore including cock vore, anal vore, and unbirthing

Voyeurism / Exhibitionism

The act of watching in se- cret / The act of performing for someone


Sexual play involving urine

Weight Gain

One having a significant gain in weight

Weight Loss

One having a significant loss in weight

Wet & Messy

Sexual activity that involves many non-bodily fluids dripping onto bodies (food, mud, goo, etc.)


Alien creatures that often exhibit unusual and/or unexplainable anatomy

Zero Gravity

Scenes and Environments with micro- or zero-gravity in which things can freely float around

Zippers for Sex Control

The use of zippers to enable or inhibit access to certain parts of one's body in order to control sexual activity